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It was just a decade ago when people from all over the world were too skeptical about the authenticity of the online trading industry. As people were always skeptical about sharing their financial information through the internet, they always hesitated […]

It was just a decade ago when people from all over the world were too skeptical about the authenticity of the online trading industry. As people were always skeptical about sharing their financial information through the internet, they always hesitated to link themselves with online trading brokerages. Today, the online trading industry is booming and has more than 150 million active users, and this is all because of online trading brokerages such as GlobalTrading26. It is an online trading brokerage making a lot of names in the online trading industry so I will share some major aspects about the brokerage from my own experience in this GlobalTrading26 review.

GlobalTrading26’s and its Goal

GlobalTrading26 has been formed by a team of expert brokers and analysts who are determined to provide users with the best trading environment, by providing them with all the support possible. On top of that, GlobalTrading26’s infrastructure is run by experts that have been achieving new milestones in the online trading industry. They are known for providing users with top security systems, the safest trading platform, top-notch trading tools, and features that are on-par with the top online trading brokerages.

GlobalTrading26’s goal is to ensure that the users not only get to trade through the brokerage but also get to learn from the online trading industry. Their focus is to empower them with enough knowledge and insights that they themselves become experts in the upcoming years.

Trading Instruments Provided by GlobalTrading26

Similar to the major online trading brokerages, GlobalTrading26 provides users with a list of major online trading instruments that include cryptocurrencies, stocks, indices, cryptocurrencies, and forex trading. The users can choose any online trading instrument and can count on the experts at GlobalTrading26 to provide them with the best trading advice, information, insights, and knowledge according to the asset. If an investor chooses to trade through GlobalTrading26, then there is no way they would ever regret choosing the brokerage as it provides users with all major trading markets per asset.

Trading Accounts Offered by GlobalTrading26

At GlobalTrading26, the investors are provided with a total of five trading options that they can choose to trade with. At present, the online trading accounts provided by GlobalTrading26 include Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and VIP trading. From Silver to VIP, the minimum deposits required to gain access to the accounts include €10,001, €20,001, €100,001, €200,001, & €500,000.

Once an investor acquires an online trading account at GlobalTrading26, they gain access to several services. Some of the major services offered at GlobalTrading26 include quarterly dividends, up to 1:150 leverage, trading signals, complete money management plan, welcome bonus, daily market reviews, 1-on-1 educational course, trading alerts, and access to the trading room.

Trading Platform Offered by GlobalTrading26

One of the best things offered by GlobalTrading26 is the trading platform it offers, which is exclusively for the users at GlobalTrading26. The expert programmers and developers provide users with their own online trading platform that offers the most user-friendly and state-of-the-art trading interface.

Some of the major tools and features offered by GlobalTrading26 include trading signals, advanced reporting systems with charts/graphs, single-click executions, multiple trading assets, multi-lingual support, access to numerous markets, and many more.

The online trading platform provided by GlobalTrading26 is currently available through Android, iOS, and web browsers.

GlobalTrading26 Deposits and Withdrawals

GlobalTrading26 provides users with the most convenient and trustable modes of payment when it comes to making deposits and withdrawals. Initially, the minimum deposit requirement at GlobalTrading26 is €10,001 and the users can do it via bitcoin wallets, wire transfer, and credit/debit cards.

When it comes to making a withdrawal, the users get their money back through methods they use for making deposits. If the withdrawal request is through bank wire or credit/debit cards, then the minimum withdrawal amount requirement is $100, and for bitcoin wallets, the withdrawal amount must be equivalent to $250.

KYC and AML Policy Regulations at GlobalTrading26

One of the plus points of being part of GlobalTrading26 is that it is a regulated online trading brokerage. This means that the brokerage will keep updating the personal information of users on its systems from time-to-time under KYC guidelines. Similarly, GlobalTrading26 would always monitor any high-risk transactions to establish their source of origination. If they are indeed linked with either of the criminal, money-laundering, or terrorist funding elements, then they are reported to the regulatory authorities under the AML guidelines.

GlobalTrading26’s 24/5 Customer Support

GlobalTrading26 is always determined to provide full support to users, be it through tools or through real-time support. Although the users have a personal account manager by their side to guide them through any difficulties related to trading, still, they have access to GlobalTrading26’s 24/5 customer support. The customer support offered by GlobalTrading26 is professional, ethical, friendly, and very proficient in dealing with queries put forth by the investors.

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