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Group 500 Review So, you need a reliable and secure broker to help you take part in online trading, and we, therefore, want you to consider Group 500. We know that online trading is a really popular endeavor right now, […]

Group 500 Review

So, you need a reliable and secure broker to help you take part in online trading, and we, therefore, want you to consider Group 500. We know that online trading is a really popular endeavor right now, and with good reason. People from all over the world need new sources of income, and what better way to do that than to trade using different assets like stocks, cryptocurrencies, indices, and more. In our Group 500 review, the broker’s different features and services will be talked about.


It does not matter how great a broker maybe if signing up with it is a needlessly complex issue. Registration processes need to be simple and to the point, which is exactly what Group 500 realizes too. To that end, new users can navigate to the broker’s website and start filling out the form. Do not worry. Group 500 will never share your personal and private information with any third party without your knowledge or consent.

Also, Group 500 currently only supports GBP, USD, and EUR currencies, and you will need to pick one during the sign-up process.


Simply put, we were blown away by the range of educational resources that can be taken advantage of, thanks to Group 500. As per our observations, there were a total of 8 tabs on the website under the ‘Financial Independence’ category, and all of these were concerned with educating users on trading in a way that is easy to comprehend and implement.

We are just summarizing the content here, but we would highly recommend trying out all of the educational material for yourself, as doing so is bound to make you a pro trader in no time. Firstly, we have numerous webinars and videos, which are standard for most brokers. Then we have tabs that mainly focus on trading volatility, risk management, trading plans, technical analysis, fundamental analysis, and the basics of forex. Lastly, there is even a glossary centered around cryptocurrencies which we found to be extremely useful as the crypto industry is exploding in terms of popularity right now.

Account types

We acknowledge the idea that each trader is bound to be unique in the sense that there are going to be varying degrees of traders’ expertise and skillsets. This is why different account types are needed, and thankfully Group 500 has a few options to choose from.

There is the basic or ‘Silver’ option which is the cheapest one offered by Group 500, but still needs a minimum deposit of $10,000. This is seemingly quite high, especially when other brokers would offer cheaper minimum deposits, but Group 500 is confident that it can help you get more profits thanks to the higher deposit amount (and $10,000 is still relatively low). Then we have the ‘Gold,’ ‘Platinum,’ and ‘Signature’ options which have increased minimum deposit requirements respectively but also offer more tools, instruments, features, and services to the traders. Lastly, there is the ‘VIP’ option, but most traders do not need to be concerned with it as this is an invitation-only account type.

Deposits and withdrawals

When it comes to online trading, profits and losses can often happen in mere moments, especially if you are dealing with extremely volatile assets such as cryptocurrencies. This is why you need to choose a brokerage that has lightning-quick withdrawal and deposit timings, and luckily Group 500 fits this description to a tee.

You can also use most credit and debit cards, as well as e-wallet services and direct bank transfers, so accessibility and payment methods should not be an issue for most. Furthermore, Group 500 does not have any separate charges when it comes it commissions or withdrawals, which is always a nice touch.

Trading platform

Group 500’s WebTrader platform is one of the best as it provides state-of-the-art, simple, and easy-to-navigate web-oriented trading. Traders are offered total access to all of the top markets, and this can be done from essentially any device, be it mobiles, laptops, PCs, and so on (as long as there is a stable Internet connection). 

Some of the best features of Group 500’s trading platform involve order executions that can be completed with a single click, charts, graphs, and several other indicators, which will provide in-depth technical information and a very accommodating and friendly trading environment.

Final thoughts

If you have read through all that we have talked about, then you would hopefully be convinced by now that Group 500 is a remarkable and safe option that you should definitely consider choosing as your preferred broker. Do not delay any longer. Try out Group 500 yourself and begin earning profits today.

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